The Rex Guinea Pig

General details of the Rex guinea pig

Among the family of the guinea pigs, one of the primary breeds of that family is the Rex guinea pig.  Of the cute animals, it is also one of the largest breeds. Its’ cuddy and affable nature character makes it more pronounced and notable. This pig is a short haired pet because its hair is no longer than one centimeter. Also, its hair is dense and straight because it has a wooly texture which makes it not to be flat. Most importantly, the growing size in length of this pet is between 20-40.5 cm. In the process of their production, many breeds were combined and for this reason, these pigs can be found in numerous colors and with different types of hair. Many people find it ideal to buy the Rex guinea pig as a pet because it is cheap to maintain for it has short hair that requires minimal maintenance. However, many people get confused for they sometimes consider the Rex guinea pigs as teddy guinea pigs because both of them are short haired. The difference between the two is that, compared to the rex guinea pigs, the teddy guinea pig has a hair that is softer and smoother. They have long ears that are dropped around the head and large eyes. Also, compared to other breeds, their nails tend to grow thicker and faster.


The Rex guinea pig can grow up to 6 years depending on what type of care they get and the environment in which they live. For the female Rex, between 20 weeks and one year of age is determined as the best breeding period. Also, according to scientific study, their gestation period is between 65-72 days and they can produce three litters.

Origins of the Rex guinea pig

It is believed that the Rex guinea pig originated from South America between 1200AD and 1532AD a time when the indigenous people of South America were conducting selective breeding of pigs for food.

Diet of the Rex guinea pig

There is no particular diet for the Rex guinea pigs, however, a food mix with nutritional values and specifics that any little pet needs are recommended for the guinea pigs as food. This ranges from proteins to fibers. It is good to note that, foods that are fresh for example vegetables and fruits can be given to the Rex guinea pigs but only as treats. However if you give these pigs large quantities of vegetables and fruits, they can diarrhea or get sick and have liver problems.

Because of their little bodies, the guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin c, yet their bodies require it. For this reason, lack of vitamin c in the Rex guinea pigs’ bodies can be supplemented with the help of vegetables and fruits when it is necessary. To avoid the health problems that might be caused due to the use of vegetables and fruits that are not good for them, below is a list of fresh food that is optionally healthy for them:

  • Fruits: apple, melon, banana, blueberries, strawberries and cantaloupe.
  • Vegetables: parsley, tomato, Chinese cabbage, carrots, broccoli, clover, corn skills, and dandelion.

Also in their diet, water is very crucial and paramount. This water needs to be clean, fresh and should be changed daily. This is because naturally, one would not want his or her little friend to get sick just because of contaminated water. Moreover, ensure that the water is accessed easily in the cage. However, bear in mind that during the winter season, if the pigs, get enough water from the fresh vegetable and fruits, they may not drink water at all but  again they may drink a lot of water during the hot days.

Rex Guinea Pig Personality

Intelligence: The Rex guinea pig can get used to ones’ voice, and it will always show different response degrees. It can also be possible to train this particular pig to carry out some of its natural activities when the owner uses treats as rewards to teach it.

Sustainability for children: usually, the Rex guinea pig does not embrace handling and stroking instead they need some quality time spent on their coats. This gives the Rex guinea pig the best personality for being an excellent pet for children.

Temperament and character: Naturally, the Rex guinea pig is sociable. This is because it can live in pairs or groups. Before they become on their own, they should be socialized at a younger age. As illustrated in the diagram below.

rex guinea pig

Sleeping habits: Night hours are the best moments for the wild cavies for they are more active at this times

The Features of Rex Guinea pig

Physical description (general): The Rex guinea pig has a short face and a broad head. It has eyes that are perky and quite big; it has petal-shaped ears that droop. These pigs have a coat that is distinctively curly with relatively long bodies

Size: Although wild Rex guinea pigs can measure up to a meter in length, the Rex guinea pig measures between 20-40.5 cm

Other descriptions:

  • Has fuzzy, short hair.
  • Throughout its body, the hair stands on.
  • No rosettes.
  • The Rex guinea pig sometimes resembles the Teddy Pig.
  • The Rex guinea pig came in all different colors, sizes, and shapes. Among them, brown, red and black seem to be their most common colors.

Caring for Rex Guinea pig

Where the Rex guinea pig should live (cage and bedding)

A perfect place for the Rex guinea pig is a medium cage that is kept inside. However, the cage should give room for the pig to exercise daily to preserve a hale and hearty life.  Preferably plastic base cages are the best for them. However, one can use wood shavings for the floor as long as they get retained within. To be ideal for the pet, one should ensure weekly cleaning of the cage and regular removal of any old food. Because they need daily physical exercise, a tube or a box can be placed in the cages to enable them to play and exercise. The exercising compartment should be different from the sleeping compartment. Also note that, in the wild, the Rex guinea pigs tend to be more active at night.

For the floor of the cage, wood shavings should be used with some fodder or grass on top. Irritations of the eyes can be caused by fine sawdust if used. Also, their eyes can be injured by straws; therefore it is advisable not to use them. If there is a need to wash the housing during cleaning, then use a cleaner that is only meant for cleaning the houses of these small animals. For feeding and watering the Rex guinea pig, one is required to use an earthenware food bowl and a drinking bottle.

Facts about Rex Guinea pig

  1. The Rex guinea pig is a main classified breed of the guinea family pigs.
  2. Their length is between 20-40.5 cm
  3. They are not on their own. This means that they are of the non-self-variety of guinea pigs. For this reason, they are divided into three subdivisions which include: marked, long-haired and coated.
  4. They have wooly hair that is dense which substantially stands up on and they have drooping ears over their large heads.
  5. Their fur has no rosettes.
  6. Their coat hair is not more than ½ of an inch. Which is also the size of their whole coat
  7. Their coat does not go flat because it stands in an upright manner and it curls due to the shortness of their guard hairs.
  8. The Rex guinea Pigs contain a recessive gene in them which causes the curling and the coarseness of their smooth hair.
  9. There exists a long-haired Rex Guinea Pig variety whose hair appears to be wavy.
  10. The Rex guinea Pigs are ideal for children to look after because, they love to be stroked and handled. This is an indication of a good temperament and gentleness in them.
  11. The Rex exists in different colors because it has been cross-bred with pigs of other hair types.
  12. The Rex came in many colors such as brown, agouti or white.
  13. The Rex does not require much maintenance expenses. Therefore, for this reason, they qualify to be great starter pigs.
  14. Usually the Rex is confused with the Teddy pigs. What differentiates them is that the rex has a harsher coat than the Teddy whose skin is much softer. The whiskers of the Rex are curly while the Teddys’ are straight. Most importantly, they are genetically different since, if you breed them together you will come up with a different breed which might be an American short haired guinea pig most probably.



For those who have not gotten a chance to adapt the Rex guinea pig before, it is highly recommended that you own one, this is because it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are lovely creatures that are easy to look after. Moreover, they always enjoy ones’ presence. Also, the Rex guinea pigs are perfect companions for children because the bond between them and children is usually adamant. Children will always enjoy the social presence of the Rex guinea pigs hence making it a habit of playing with them

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